The Sailing Adventures of Lea Scotia

Sep 17 2013

Transitions in 2013

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Gasp, could it be?  Boatless in Seattle?  After some nice spring outings, most readers who know us fairly well know by now that we did in fact sell our beloved Lea Scotia in June.  Our charter site set the scene.  A nice guy looking specifically for a Taswell 43 of the same vintage contacted us to inquire about the sailing characteristics of the model as he was getting ready to present an offer for a similarly equipped Taswell located in the Caribbean.  He lives in Seattle.  While Lea Scotia is about as close to the perfect cruising boat for our family, we find ourselves currently entrenched in “normal” activities like work and school!  We really don’t need all the cruising gear Lea Scotia is sporting (solar, generator, watermaker, etc, etc).  After some sleepless nights we decided this was meant to be, and “poof”, she was gone.

It’s been a long time since we haven’t had a sailboat but we’ve been getting our fix this summer by sailing OPB (Other People’s Boats) in our charter business.  Seattle Sailing Charters has arrangements with owners of a Beneteau 41 and a very nice 49  – it’s great to get out sailing with new people from all over the world.  And let’s not forget good old “Bimi”, the family gaff rigged ketch rigged centerboard cat boat – many more adventures to come on that front.  Plus, we’ve managed to get some dinghy sailing in aboard our trusty Gig Harbor 10′ “Kaela Rose”.  This Spring I expect Kiera to take the tiller.

So it’s a time of transitions for the MacLachlans – we’re keeping a keen eye out for boats that are available on the market.  What’ll it be next?

Jan 23 2013

Winter Lull

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With the exception of some monthly main engine / generator / heating system exercise, Lea Scotia has been sitting unattended since Thanksgiving.  She’s tucked away on the NE side of Lake Washington in Kenmore, protected from big chop and chilling in fresh water.  With some heat and a high quality dehumidifyer she’s dry inside and in good shape.  Topsides, however, is already showing signs of neglect with a green tinge showing on her decks and various bird and fish parts strewn about signaling significant bald eagle activity in the area.  It’s peaceful most of the time and we’re already seeing the days getting longer as we get close to spring.  The Christmas lights are down and we hope to get her scrubbed down and ready for a chilly sail in the lake before spring finally arrives.

Heck, we might even make a run in the dinghy up the nearby Sammamish slough to the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville one of these weekend afternoons…

Brief sunshine in January

Brief sunshine in January

Dec 12 2012

’tis the season!

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All lit up!

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas aboard Lea Scotia!  Somehow the summer got away from us.  However, we did get quite a lot of sailing in this summer between charters and a 2 week trip up to the San Juan Islands.  I hope to get some pics and some notes up during the holiday to get caught up.