The Sailing Adventures of Lea Scotia

Kicking off the 2012 Sailing Season

So it took until late March but over the weekend we finally scrubbed the moss off the deck, dug the headsails out of the basement, ran them up the furlers and took Lea Scotia off the dock for a sail – for the 1st time this year!  Our good friend Elliot helped us get the boat ready to go and we had a nice leisurely sail down to Magnuson Park off Sand Point and back to Kenmore.  My parents Mac and Nat came along, their puppy Shadow in tow.

Mac and Nat back in the saddle - Shadow bundles up to stay warm

Nothing too exhilarating but we’re excited that the season is here – while the weather is still sketchy, the days are getting longer and we’ll be back in our city slip in Lake Union in just a couple months.  We hope to get out on the Sound in the coming weeks; bring on the sun and wind!

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