The Sailing Adventures of Lea Scotia

Back in Lake Union for the 4th of July

Even though we haven’t posted in the past month, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been out on Lea Scotia since May.  On the contrary, we’ve really been enjoying our slip at Elliott Bay Marina.  We’ve taken her out for a charter, a couple last minute after-work sails, raced the Downtown Sailing Series with friends, and took a weekend trip to Poulsbo.  It’s nice just being able to drop by the boat on the way home from work too!

Tara and Raelan directing traffic at the leeward mark.

Originally we’d planned to head back to Poulsbo to make the 3rd of July fireworks show they have over there – it’s quite a spectacle with Liberty Bay crammed with anchored vessels and a surprisingly impressive fireworks show.  But the weather looked crummy and we received a nice invitation for Robbie Robinson of Signature Yachts to bring Lea Scotia into Lake Union and stay at their dock for the festivities.  So we ran the locks late on the 3rd and spent all day hanging around Lake Union, visiting family on Bimi, exhibiting at the Wooden Boat Festival on the south end of the lake.  Lots of kids activities, including model-boat sailing on the man-made pond, kite and boat building.  It was a nice relaxing day capped with a spectacular show.  Back to work on Thursday is rough, but the weekend is near – another trip awaits as we need to bring Lea Scotia back out through the locks.  Summer weather has finally arrived so we’re excited to get out and enjoy!

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