The Sailing Adventures of Lea Scotia

Jul 23 2012

Brisk Elliott Bay Sailing

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Between sunny Downtown Sailing Series events and brisk and breezy charter sails on Elliott Bay Marina, it’s been a fun month on the water.  Although the risk of getting sun burned has been lower than you might expect for July, the wind has been better, and there’s always something interesting to look at near the city.  Check out these new Post Panamax cranes the Port of Seattle will be getting this week:

How did this ship stay upright crossing the Pacific?

Jul 05 2012

Back in Lake Union for the 4th of July

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Even though we haven’t posted in the past month, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been out on Lea Scotia since May.  On the contrary, we’ve really been enjoying our slip at Elliott Bay Marina.  We’ve taken her out for a charter, a couple last minute after-work sails, raced the Downtown Sailing Series with friends, and took a weekend trip to Poulsbo.  It’s nice just being able to drop by the boat on the way home from work too!

Tara and Raelan directing traffic at the leeward mark.

Originally we’d planned to head back to Poulsbo to make the 3rd of July fireworks show they have over there – it’s quite a spectacle with Liberty Bay crammed with anchored vessels and a surprisingly impressive fireworks show.  But the weather looked crummy and we received a nice invitation for Robbie Robinson of Signature Yachts to bring Lea Scotia into Lake Union and stay at their dock for the festivities.  So we ran the locks late on the 3rd and spent all day hanging around Lake Union, visiting family on Bimi, exhibiting at the Wooden Boat Festival on the south end of the lake.  Lots of kids activities, including model-boat sailing on the man-made pond, kite and boat building.  It was a nice relaxing day capped with a spectacular show.  Back to work on Thursday is rough, but the weekend is near – another trip awaits as we need to bring Lea Scotia back out through the locks.  Summer weather has finally arrived so we’re excited to get out and enjoy!

May 30 2012

Sound Sailing in May

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2 weekends in a row out on the boat!  Last weekend (5/18) we motored up to Sandy Point on the inside of Whidbey Island near Langley.  We enjoyed staying with friends Kathy Tucker and Harvey Golden in their “cabin” (actually a pretty big house) located within a nice waterfront community.  Arriving just before dark, we grabbed a mooring ball we’d been invited to tie up to but it soon became clear that with the chop generated by a northerly breeze and questionable ground tackle attached to the buoy that it would be prudent to anchor around the corner.  We stayed aboard Friday night but spent the next day and night in the house, enjoying time with our friends.  Not much sailing to report as it was calm on the way home but it sure was nice to get out on the boat for the first weekend of the season.

Bikin' in the dink

Kiera's rarin' to go bike riding ashore!


For the Memorial Day weekend we got a late start on Saturday afternoon but enjoyed sailing in a light southerly breeze across the Sound from Shilshole around the north end of Bainbridge.  We timed the flood well through Agate Pass and anchored in an old favorite, Liberty Bay near Poulbo.

Mom tries to get a nap in underway - I don't think it's working.

Kiera had been feeling under the weather but her newly prescribed antibiotics from the doctor kicked in quickly and she was feeling better.  We just took it easy for a couple nights, enjoying being back on the boat and exploring some new and some familiar shops, with a mandatory sugar/carbo load from Sluy’s Bakery in town.  Karisa just can’t resist the Maple Man – the girls were happy to do their part with the donuts as well.

Carbo load at Sly's Bakery

Beyond that, we enjoyed reuniting with one of Trevor’s old fraternity brothers from the UW – nice to find some other families with sailboats to rendezvous with!  Ali, Jay’s youngest, has a real way with kids – Karisa and Raelan both loved playing with her!

One of Jay's girls Ali was a big hit with Kiera and Raelan aboard their Catalina 34 "Wind Dancer"

After relaxing in the anchorage and exploring the town (which included a visit to a neat Marine Center with local Puget Sound aquatic life, we enjoyed a nice sail back through Agate Pass and back across the Sound.  While putting the boat to bed we indulged in some tasty smoked salmon and a good IPA.  Now this is good NW livin!

First hammock hang of the season!

Quality book reading / snack time in the cockpit